Welcome to the CBA Professional Development Web site. The CBA is committed to providing relevant professional development programming accessible to members of the profession across Canada. The CBA’s Professional Development Web site will provide access to information on in-person conferences, online webinars, publications and other media formats that address topics relevant to your areas of practice and interest. The CBA’s Professional Development Web site is highly customizable to meet your specific needs to ensure a sufficient search process to identify areas directly related to your interests.

The PD Web site combines listings for all CBA Branch, National and CCCA events in one convenient location, eliminating the need to search through multiple sites. Canadian Bar Association PD is committed to providing you with quality legal education when, where and how it suits you best.
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Lasting Client Relationships: Intake Strategies that Build Long-Term Trust
To Settle or Not to Settle: Strategy and Tactics for Litigators
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Continuous Disclosure
Made-to-Measure Legal Services: The Power of Limited Scope Retainers
Contacts with Regulators